About Carole

I am the primary midwife at Ahmavine Midwifery. In 1988 I started independently studying Natural Health Care, knowing that I wanted to do healing work with people in a way that supports the body's natural abilities to function and thrive.

I went to the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1993 with the belief that I should pursue natural therapeutics as a prerequisite to the path of midwifery. It wasn't until I delivered my first born in the comfort of my home surrounded by love and faith that I knew it was the time to formally pursue midwifery. I apprenticed in the four corners and worked with every practicing midwife in the area to contribute to a broad and varied training. I graduated from The National College of Midwifery and have been serving the 4 corners as a midwife since 2003. I am committed to supporting pregnancy, birth and mothering as a multifaceted, mutually beneficial and vitally important rite of passage for women and their families.


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