Philosophy & Goals

I believe that midwifery care should be provided for every low risk woman who so chooses. To make midwifery care accessible to these woman is to lower rates of unnecessary interventions and inspire health. Furthermore, I believe that childbirth is a journey that allows a woman to reveal latent stores of strength, consciousness and compassion within herself that may otherwise go undiscovered. As a woman, mother of three children, and a midwife, I humbly recognize myself as guardian of women and their unborn.

durango home birthAs a woman, I will protect your rights and offer you choices of how you want to birth, where you want to birth and with whom you want to birth. In my care your opinions and questions will be encouraged and discussed and during your visits we will explore how you can become the confident, intuitive, healthy and loving parent your baby needs. As a mother, I honor and respect your baby's need for a healthy pregnancy and a gentle, loving birth. In my care, I will encourage you to receive your own baby and remain skin to skin throughout the hours following your birth. I will promote an undisturbed peace as you and your baby exchange love and inspire the hormones in each of you that support health and breastfeeding. As a midwife, I will help you have a healthy pregnancy with attention to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I will help you prepare for childbirth and parenting. I will watch over you as you nurture a new life into your family. If you or your baby needs help, you can trust that my experience as a midwife has prepared me to address complications and emergencies with a calm expertise.

Ahmavine Midwifery is my way of showing gratitude for the blessings I've experienced through my own pregnancies and births. It is an understatement to say that my goal is an outcome of a healthy mom and baby. The goal that I deeply strive for is highly evolved, yet extremely simple. It is the undisturbed, diligently supported path that women and their babies travel throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I promote long-term physical, emotional and spiritual health supported by the independent nature of my practice that is formatted for the unique needs of each woman and her family.

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