My second child, Amaya, was born at home in Carole's birthing tub, on a rainy Spring day.  What I loved most about the whole experience was Carole's willingness to allow me to trust my own process.  Carole was  very calm and relaxed,  and assured me that all was unfolding just as it should.  When I called to tell her I was in labor, she asked the right questions to assess how far along I was, leaving me and my partner empowered to make the decision when we wanted her to come over.  We chose to have her come around 1:00pm  and my daughter was born around 5:00pm.  Carole was available for whatever I needed during labor and offered subtle suggestions, when asked, to help the process.  This allowed for the  peace, quiet and minimal intervention I was seeking.   Because I was allowed to trust my instinct and listen to my body,  I was able to  get into that primal space where birthing mothers go, when allowed.   That place where my body and mind and spirit dance together to allow birth to naturally take its course.
Compared to my first birth (also  a home birth), Amaya's birth left me feeling empowered and  in control of my body, the process, and my intuition.  Even when I continued to bleed more than 'normal' upon delivery, Carole remained calm and confident,  and continued to encourage me to be present to what was happening in my body.  We worked together to remedy the situation, rather than 'freaking out' and potentially spiraling it into something worse.  I felt confident with Carole's expertise and skills.
My husband "caught" Amaya as she was born, reaching down into the tub along with Carole.  For him, this was an empowering and priceless experience.  He was involved and participated in the birth directly and felt instantly bonded to Amaya.
Amaya's birth was a life altering event, bringing me closer to Spirit, leaving me with a better understanding and trust of my inner wisdom.  It has served as a powerful source of reference to my parenting.  When those tough days come, I can look back at this birth and be reminded that I know how to parent this child.  I know that I am strong and capable of this.  I know that I was made for this.  Thanks Carole! 

— Tara Holliday

home birth babyWe had a most beautiful experience with Carol for the birth of our second daughter Pema, at home in the magical turtle lake valley. We loved the way she was holding the space since the moment she arrived, but without interfering, allowing us, my husband and me to go deeply into the first part of labor together, sharing this profound experience of new life. Carol only became active when we were ready for her and needed her guidance. 

Throughout the whole process, she was there like a member of the family, and we felt very comfortable and secure in her presence. We are forever grateful.

— Angelika & Markus

home birth babyCarole brings presence, compassion, encouragement, and wisdom to the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.  She was very attentive to my physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns through out my pregnancy, as well as during and after my son's birth.  I found myself wishing I were having more children, just so I could have the chance to work with her again.  I highly recommend Carole! 

— Dr. Stephanie Harris, DC

home birth babyNot all midwives are created equal. While my older son was born under the loving guidance of a different midwife in the far off land of Boulder, she was no Carole. With my basket case full of emotions paired with fears about raising two small children, I was not an easy client. Carole spoke to me as a friend with patience, grace and humility. She allowed me to tailor my "clinical" experience perfectly to my needs. When I asked for advice, it was given with expert knowledge and refreshing honesty. Her being radiates calm and it is infectious. Carole is an extraordinary person.
Carol told me that as long as there is love, everything will be alright. It has proven to be just that.

— Emily and Baby A

Long Version: My husband and I were clients of Ahmavine Midwifery and Carole Nighswander for just a few months. We were only able to start consulting with her two months before the delivery of our child because we are not residents in Durango. However, Carole was very flexible and accommodating and gave us so much guidance and support that it felt like we had been her clients for the entire 9-month pregnancy.

During the two months leading up to our natural homebirth, Carole encouraged us to ask as many questions as possible in order to waylay any concerns or nervousness we had as we prepared for our homebirth. During our appointments, we felt that she listened very carefully to all of our concerns and questions, and she went above and beyond in educating us and offering advice and services to make sure we were confident and well-prepared for the arrival of our little one. What was even more beneficial, though, was that Carole made herself available between appointments as well, by phone or email, to be a constant source of support and information.

I went into labor on my due date, and it's difficult to describe the delivery experience. Even though I was in the early stages of labor, Carole and her assistant arrived very quickly and filled the role of coach and encourager for several hours leading up to the delivery. Carole has so much experience and expertise, as well as a quiet and reassuring attitude, that there was no fear or apprehension as I prepared to deliver my son. She helped my husband to see how beautiful and natural the experience was, and I can genuinely say that I enjoyed every minute of my labor. When it began to get intense, she would quietly reassure me that I was doing a great job and that things were going just the way they should. I would never have imagined that a natural childbirth could be such a peaceful and enjoyable experience. Thanks to Carole, all the memories are good memories and I was not in any way disappointed.
After our boy arrived, Carole continued to make home visits and communicate in between visits to make sure that everyone was adjusting well and to continue answering our questions. She was exceedingly helpful also in assisting us to rush our boy's birth certificate and other documents in order to make it possible for us to return home (we live overseas) as quickly as possible. From start to finish, Carole provided support and expertise beyond what we had expected, and as we plan for another baby, we hope to work with her again soon.

Short Version: My experience with Carole Nighswander and Ahmavine Midwifery was nothing less than exceptional. Carole was endlessly flexible and understanding, and very sensitive to the particulars of our circumstances. Throughout my pregnancy, it was clear that Carole was genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of both myself and my baby-on-the-way. She listened carefully to all my concerns and questions and helped to educate me and husband as we prepared for a natural homebirth. One of Carole's remarkable features is her gentle and reassuring nature. Those qualities, combined with her vast experience, education, and expertise made it very easy to put our confidence in her as our midwife. Our pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience with Carole was unforgettable, and we're so grateful for the work she does and the care with which she does it. We can't recommend her services highly enough!

— Crystal Durairaj

home birth durangoI had a wonderful experience with Carole! She was amazing and I got the birth I have always wanted. Carole provided excellent prenatal care for me which started around my 20th week of my pregnancy.  She continued excellent care until the birth of my child.  I also received post-natal care and care for my newborn.  Carole was very caring as well as the rest of her team. I appreciate everything she did for my family!

— Kasaundra Vaughn